Diva Technologies brings AVID/Hx to Europe

14 Jul 2021
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14th July 2021

Diva Technologies is pleased to announce that it has released AVID/Hx in the European market.

Following the successful launch of AVID/Hx in the U.S. where a major pilot project is now underway, Diva Technologies today announces that it is being made available in Europe.

AVID/Hx, the innovative patient engagement and empowerment platform, has been enhanced to include functionality that allows family members or other trusted caregivers to have access to critical medications information for those who may need assistance and oversight to ensure their medication safety.

AVID/Hx allows for the safe recording of the patient’s medication regimen including drugs, dose, and frequency, and to automatically share this with a loved one or trusted caregiver near or far. Prior to a consultation, or in an emergency, this medication information can be quickly and easily sent to a Provider when having accurate, up-to-date medication is critical information for the safe management of the patient.

Commenting on this, Judy Gaughan, founder and Chief Executive Officer said: “This is a great step for Diva; every one of us wants our loved ones to be safe and now, with AVID/Hx, medication safety has just taken a huge leap forward.”
Gerard Bennett, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer said: “All development is carried out in Galway and, following our successful launch in the U.S. we’re delighted to bring AVID/Hx to Ireland and the wider European community. AVID/Hx has huge integration capabilities for all digital interfaces, and we look forward to working with partners here to leverage these strengths.”



USA: Judy Gaughan ( +1 978 502 7252

Ireland: T. Gerard Bennett ( + 353 87 979 2879

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