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Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Whether it’s for you or a member of your family; with the AVID/Hx app, it’s simple to retrieve, review, and share your medication information.

With an easy to use, intuitive design; the AVID/Hx app features a ‘share now’ facility, to easily share personal medicine information with doctors, healthcare providers or any medical professional.  And if you share your medications information with a trusted caregiver or family member, then in a crisis situation, that person can share your list with a clinician.

In addition to this, the AVID/Hx app offers the opportunity to keep track the medications and  allergies for  you and other family members.

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Full Medication Records at your Fingertips

AVID/Hx app is a comprehensive record keeping app for storing personal medication data and can be shared with anyone.

Managing personal or family health information can often be overwhelming. The AVID/Hx app purpose is simple; automatically retrieve your list of meds, have it available with you in every situation ready to provide it when necessary, and allow a family member of trusted caregiver to share that responsibility.

Bring Medication Records Together, in One Place

The AVID/Hx app makes it easier than ever to securely manage your medications data. Be empowered;  take control of your health

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Why download the AVID/Hx App?

  • Easy to Use
  • Stores your information & your family’s.
  • Can be shared with a clinician at the click of a button.
  • Encrypted and secure throughout

Benefits for Patients and Caregivers

  • Available on iOS and Android.
  • Patient’s data is seamlessly uploaded to your patient record at the hospital prior to appointment/ procedure.
  • Simple access to current med list using your own smartphone/smart device.
  • Pre-procedure med list review in an unpressured environment (e.g. home)

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