Diva Technologies joins the Arizona Health Care Association

Diva Technologies is pleased to announce that it has recently joined the Arizona Health Care Association.

Organized in 1953, the Arizona Health Care Association has grown into a strong and viable group of long-term care providers dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for Arizona’s elderly and disabled in residential settings. Today, membership encompasses the majority of licensed, operating nursing care facilities in the state, who together provide continuous nursing care and assisted living services to over 15,000 residents.

Diva Technologies has recently enhanced AVID/Hx, its innovative patient engagement and empowerment platform, to include functionality that allows the family members or other trusted caregivers to have permitted access to essential for those who may need assistance and oversight to ensure their medical safety. On discharge or transfer from a facility, AVID/Hx will automatically receive the medications data. This is automatically shared with a nominated caregiver and it can later be easily shared, for example with primary care, when needed.

Commenting on this, Judy Gaughan, founder and Chief Executive Officer said: “The AZHCA has a long track record that focuses on its members delivering the best quality of care possible and this is reflected in the goals of all the members, including those of use who provide services to this community. We’re delighted to join such a reputable organization.